List of Participants

Rivoreo Next Carrying Network (RNCN) proudly showcases its Points of Presence (POPs) through a robust network of participants. These entities play a crucial role in our global infrastructure, enabling superior peering and edge network services.

Our POPs and Their Locations

Here is a detailed list of our participants and their locations, representing the strategic spread of RNCN’s global network. Each participant is a vital link in providing high-speed, reliable, and secure internet access.

Participant AS Number Location FE Link(s) to RNCN GE Link(s) to RNCN 10GE Link(s) to RNCN IPv6 Enabled
Rivoreo IP33CH 4808 PEK Y     Y
Rivoreo TSN2 4837 TSN Y     Y
Rivoreo TYO 20473 TYO   Y   Y
Rivoreo HKG 9312 HKG   Y   Y
Rivoreo SJC 906 SJC   Y   Y

Total Number of Participants: 5

Last updated on 21-Mar-2024

These participants are integral to RNCN’s commitment to delivering unparalleled connectivity and digital services across the globe, ensuring users everywhere can benefit from our network’s extensive capabilities.